Moosomin Stats

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Vision Statement

  • To preserve and protect the treaties
  • Retain our language and culture
  • Improve the quality of life for membership

Mission Statement

Supporting Moosomin First Nation membership through strong leadership, effective program delivery, member engagement, and promoting propriety.

Value Statement

We, the Moosomin First Nation Chief and Council, are guided by these values:

  • Accountability – we are accountable and transparent to our members
  • Honesty – we act in good faith and are trustworthy in all our actions and decisions
  • Humble – we are caring and compassionateFairness–we treat everyone in a fair andequal manner and do not discriminate

A Word from Leadership

All values are gifts from the creator

I'm going to stand up and take my people with me

Alone we can do so little, together we can move the earth

Together we can lift eachother up and solidify our place in the world



 - From the Office of Moosomin First Nation Chief and Council