About Us

In 1876, representatives of the federal government and the CREE of central Saskatchewan entered into TREATY 6. Yellow Sky and his band were not present for the negotiations, but in the spring of 1881 Yellow Sky's headman, Moosomin, signed an adhesion to the treaty. Yellow Sky was recognized as chief of Moosomin's band until 1884, when Indian Commissioner DEWDNEY appointed the latter as chief...

Vision Statement

Strong Moosomin Nation leadership with good governance community member engagement and promoting prosperity.

Mission Statement

To preserve and protect Treaties, the Crown’s obligations, language and culture retention, and attain self sufficiency leading to prosperity with improved quality of life for members.

Value Statement

We, the Moosomin First Nation Chief and Council, are guided by these values:

  • Accountability–we are accountable and transparent to our members
  • Honesty –we act in good faith and are trustworthy in all our actions and decisions
  • Humble–we are caring and compassionateFairness–we treat everyone in a fair andequal manner and do not discriminate