Greetings from the Chief

I am pleased to offer this newsletter as an opportunity to foster communications between the membership and the Moosomin First Nation.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide information to the membership regarding program delivery of the Moosomin First Nation.  This administration has developed various strategic plans to maintain a healthy community environment in order to sustain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the membership.  We have also submitted proposals to acquire funding to address the various issues that affect our community. Please find the enclosed copy of the updates regarding the portfolios that are assigned from the Chief’s office and updates from each program manager.

From the Office of Chief Bradley Swiftwolfe

Moosomin Annual Report 

About Us

In 1876, representatives of the federal government and the CREE of central Saskatchewan entered into TREATY 6. Yellow Sky and his band were not present for the negotiations, but in the spring of 1881 Yellow Sky's headman, Moosomin, signed an adhesion to the treaty. Yellow Sky was recognized as chief of Moosomin's band until 1884, when Indian Commissioner DEWDNEY appointed the latter as chief...

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