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Indian Registry Administration/Membership Department


We are posting the Draft Membership Code and Election Code which are soon to be ratified. The date of the ratification vote will be on our Treaty Day on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. Please forward any comments or questions to the Moosomin band office. 306-386-2207


Registry/Membership Dept.










Moosomin First Nation Health

Non-Insured Health Benefits Transportation


NIHB is aimed at ensuring that first nations can access services based on their needs and as per their Treaty and Inherent Rights to Health, and Crown’s fiduciary duty. Access must be sustainable and flexible, and must be founded on a community health approach.

Benefits are being used though hired drivers, medical taxi’s, individual approvals to clients, private mileage and medical transportation coordinator. MT services as many in the community as needed and try to follow the Policy that was issued out by NIHB.

We service up to 80 clients per month at different age groups, with many problems arising from waiting period to not enough room in taxis, private mileage helps but many refuse because the amount was not enough.

There has been very little change for 2013-2014, except for growth in population and funding has stayed the same.

Priorities for next year are more funding for private mileage and also increase for taxis, the wear and tear on vehicles are great, especially for private taxis because of rough road conditions.


Denise C. Kahpeaysewat - MTC



Moosomin Specific Claims

Specific Claims Trust coordinator’s office:

I am the specific claims trust coordinator, which is a liaison between Moosomin chief/council and Moosomin specific claims trustees. There are five trustees for our 1909 moosomin surrender trust. the trustees have undertakings and Responsibilities according to the Moosomin 1909 Surrender Trust Agreement. among those five, there are four Moosomin band members serving as non-corporate trustee. The fifth trustee is Moosomin’s corporate trustee which is currently Peace Hills Trust. The four band members serving as trustees are edgar wright, cora bird, bernadine ness and Nathan Martell. The corporate trustee has two representatives:


jeff Frketich, senior Trust Manager, Trust Services, Peace Hills Trust

There are two Trust accounts held by Peace Hills on behalf of Moosomin; Moosomin General Trust Account and Moosomin Advancement of Education trust Account. The trustees are responsible for ensuring that the trust funds are recieved and invested as authorized under the trust agreement, and that all distributions of funds out of the trust accounts are properly authorized and documented. at least once annually, There will be A community information session(S) facilitated by the Trustees on a timely basis. Band members will be notified through this website and postings throughout the public areas in moosomin.


 Randy Osecap


                                                               Moosomin First Nation Lands Department


March has been a slow month with not a lot to report on other than some of the projects we would like to get done this year or started.

  • New fencing in the R.M of meeting Lake (1-1/2 Miles)
  • New Fencing in the R.M of RoundHill (3-1/2 Miles)
  • Breaking and fencing the “C” Field (as a farm project )

Other than the mentioned projects not a lot more to report other than another horse was struck by a vehicle and killed with another animal injured and was seen on the road to Little Jackfish with what appears to be a broken shoulder.  There is still a high concern about the loose livestock on the First Nation and who owns the livestock at large as this is a dangerous situation for motorists.  We would like the band members input as to how we can resolve this problematic situation.  (THE BAND IS NOT LIABLE FOR LOOSE LIVESTOCK)   


Treaty Land Entitlement: This year the T.L.E Department is looking forward to having hopefully another 8 to 10 selections going to Reserve status, reducing the amount of selections to about 22.  At the moment we have 14 selections that are stale-dated so we have to get on these selections and keep them moving.


The mortgages on the Saskatoon selections have all been paid in full with no liens or any encumbrances on the selections.


Denise and myself have been doing some new training with INAC in regards to the RLEMP program and find the new system very beneficial and helpful in completeing the permits and environmental work that has to be done on all the permits that we have to get registered through the permit system with INAC (INDIAN AND NORTHER AFFAIRS CANADA).


As for bale distribution the lands department is looking for any ideas, and input as to how the First Nation can meet the needs of the Band members with livestock.


Other than a few concerns from permittees in regards to grain storage on Moosomin First Nation  Property, the Moosomin First Nation Lands Department is moving along nicely and would greatly appreciate all information in regards to  infractions on Moosomin Band Lands..(Removing band property, driving through crops, etc....) as this is a major concern from permittees who rent band property, just a reminder to First Nation hunters to stay on all side roads and not drive through fields with standing crop..


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Lands department.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Lands department. 1-306-386-2206 ext:245


Keith wright- Lands Manager

Denise Poitras- Lands Assistant


Moosomin First Nation Lands Department



The Moosomin School has released their Master School Calendar for the 2017-2018 School Year

Please click on the following link:




Post-Secondary Education

 Moosomin Education Coordinator is Lori-Ann Swiftwolfe and he can be reached at the band office at 1-306-386-2207 or toll free 1-800-252-4977


General Information

The purpose of the Post-Secondary Program is to enable First Nations students to pursue a higher education. However, the funding is Capped, so not everyone who applies is eligible to be funded. Acceptance of support funding requires a major commitment on the part of the student to work hard to complete the program successfully.

To be eligible the student must:

1)      Have a complete grade 12, equivalent GED or ABE 12

2)      Have been accepted into a program which is 8 months in length and requires a grade 12 level

3)      Be enrolled in a technical institute or university which offers the program

4)      Must be a member of the Moosomin First Nations band

5)      Applicants must submit the following documentation:

a)      Copy of status card

b)      Acceptance letter from the institute

c)       Dependent verification (copy of health cards)

d)      Final registration (when approved for funding)

e)      Most recent mark transcripts

f)       Grade 12, GED 12 or ABE 12 documentation

g)      Program information

6)      Application Deadline Dates

Fall- September Enrollment                        June 30th

1) Continuing students

2) New applicants


Winter- January Enrollment                        October 31st

1)      Continuing Students

2)      New applicants if funds are available

Intercession/Summer school                     March 30th

1)      continuing students only



 Moosomin Post-Secondary Application Form